• Date detail

    When the app opens, this is the first screen displayed. This screen has got date, month & year information in both english and tamil . For special days like amavasai, pournami, chadurthi etc., image icon is displayed for easy recognition of the day.

  • Month View

    Month shows the summary of all events configured for the month. If a event is configured for a date, there will be a dot below the date. By selecting the date will display the event details at the bottom of the screen. To view the date details of any day, select a date and click the day button to go directly to the selected date.

  • Events

    With events, you will not miss any of the special days for poojas or to observe fasting. Simply select the events and configure your preferred alert time. The application will remind you according to your configuration.


  • Daily date details in tamil
  • Month view
  • Event configuration for special days


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